Postage - Royal Mail & DSA

There have been many changes and additions to the range of services offered by Royal Mail over recent years and their services continue to evolve. We make sure that we are always up to date with the latest services and prices so you don’t have to. Royal Mail Mailmark is a barcode option for Advertising and Publishing mail. A Mailmark barcode can be applied to each mail piece, carrying a unique item ID, and provide an item level eManifest to accompany the mailing. Each item is checked back against the item level eManifest, and reports are generated, providing customers with an insight into the performance of their mailings. Royal Mail Mailmark is subject to design specification.

Whether you need advice at the design stage to ensure your project achieves maximum discount, or help saving money on a current mailing, we can help you pick the right option. We can mail using your Royal Mail account or provide the complete solution.

In addition to the extensive range of Royal Mail postal services we can offer you, we are also happy to work with your chosen Down Stream Access (DSA) provider. We also have our own accounts set up with various DSA providers, so we can provide a postage solution for you as well as arranging collections on your behalf. The normal data cleansing and sortation are required to meet DSA requirements and our data department can still handle this for you.